2. "Producer looking for songs for Christina Aguilera. Looking for hip hop inspired songs for next LP. In the same vein as Back To Basics LP with DJ Premier."

    Music Gorilla

    Hell yes, girl. I’m just gonna pretend she’s working on her Back to Basics follow-up, and Bionic and Lotus never happened.


  3. "If the concept of identification suggested that an individual experiences a work as a mirror in which he might recognize himself, the notion of relatability implies that the work in question serves like a selfie: a flattering confirmation of an individual’s solipsism."
  4. And now I just remembered the Pizza Hut commercial that played before “The Land Before Time” on VHS. Is my life flashing before my eyes?

  5. So…I just experienced peculiar, random hardcore nostalgia for my first Seventeen magazine. I searched Google images for the right year and month, tracked down that it was the September 1995 issue, and am now dying over the few scans that are online of it. This was the weirdest freaking few minutes ever.